About us

Yiwu Dongkuo International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (Yiwu International Express-Dk56.com) was established in 2021 and is located in Yiwu, the World Commodity City. It is an international logistics company specializing in international express and air freight. Main business: Yiwu Mason Clippers, Yiwu Mason Shipping, FBA American Shipping, Yiwu to American e-commerce small package logistics. After years of successful experience accumulation and various improvements, we have a large number of experienced business and operating personnel, and have established a good reputation in Yiwu. The company has been advocating the “table to table” service concept, making further progress in the “door to door” industry standard, and has been widely praised by customers.

     The company focuses on supply chain management, cross-border e-commerce logistics, import and export trade, development and practice of comprehensive logistics, and is committed to the development of freight transportation, becoming a reliable partner in the industry. We provide professional freight solutions for diverse customer groups, strive to build a brand in the freight industry, and aspire to develop into a large-scale and highly respected international well-known comprehensive freight forwarding service provider. For a long time, the company has successively established mutual agency mechanisms with countries and regions such as South Korea, the United States, and the Middle East. A number of international express (air) lines have been opened, and a stable cooperative relationship has been established with global express networks such as RPX DHL UPS TNT FEDEX EMS ARAMEX CITYLINK.

     Since the establishment of the company, it has successively owned various channels such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, and various special lines such as RPX, DPEX, etc., with complete shipping channels and numerous product lines; all international express delivery is delivered through world-renowned companies, and the number of international parcels processed per day Tens of thousands of pieces are delivered to every corner of the world. It is an international air freight forwarding company recommended by internationally renowned e-commerce companies such as Alibaba. It has successively established a direct cooperative agency relationship with Hong Kong Post ARAMEX, which is a veritable first-level agency. All express shipments are scanned into the service provider system by our company. Once the order is completed, you can check the online track on the same day without changing the order number. Yongkang Dongkuo Express Company arranges export channels for you, truly efficient, fast and safe, and relieves your worries!

     We adhere to the business philosophy of "preciseness, pragmatism, hard work, and innovation", position "focusing on international air transport and freight forwarding, and focus on providing customers with "safe, rapid, accurate, and value-added" international freight forwarding services, and strive to become a customer My first choice.
     Now is the era of great development of the international logistics industry. The self-developed international express line integrates the advantages of well-known logistics service providers all over the world. The strong alliance has the advantages of low price, full tracking and fast timeliness, and can reach more than 60 countries. nation. Main business: acting as an agent for international air freight services such as postal small packages and large packages, providing customers with various choices and fully meeting the needs of various customers. Our company has been committed to creating information-based, network-based, intelligent, standardized, and socialized service features, and continues to provide customers with convenience, cost savings, and value creation!
     In 2019, our company grandly launched the ASEAN freight line, land transportation∣air transportation∣express∣sea transportation, including customs clearance and tax, door-to-door, table-to-table special services, which can arrive within two working days at the earliest, with faster timeliness and safety The performance is better, and it has been widely praised by customers since its launch.
     We adhere to integrity first, customer first, and ensure safety, fast delivery and timely delivery. Customer-centric continuous improvement of service quality is the business philosophy of customer satisfaction. We will provide the most competitive service and price to meet your needs to the greatest extent.